How to get the benzene ?

How to get the benzene ?

This article discusses how to obtain benzene.However, before proceeding to the consideration of this issue, we see what kind of substance and for what purposes it is used.


Benzene - a bright representative of aromatic hydrocarbons.This material is a colorless liquid which has a specific odor and does not dissolve in water.The scope of use of benzene is quite wide.It is used for manufacturing explosives, plastics, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, as well as various means for controlling harmful insects.Benzene also has excellent preservative properties.For example, cranberries, has in its composition benzoic acid, excellently kept for a long time without sugar.

benzene Getting

Ever wanted to point out, to say the least it is difficult to get benzene in the home.For that matter, you must have in the arsenal of special laboratory equipment.Now let's talk directly about how to obtain the substance.

  1. One of the most important sources for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons, are considered to be gas and coal tar.These substances are formed, as a rule, the distillation of petroleum or coal coking.Even back in 1922 Russian scientists Kazan Zelinsky and found a way to get from acetylene, benzene.They passed acetylene, heated to 450 degrees temperature, over ordinary activated carbon.Zelinsky also described how to benzene from cyclohexane - a substance produced in the processing of certain grades of oil.However, after some time, researchers have shown that the production of benzene is possible using other catalysts under milder conditions.
  2. Benzene can also be obtained from the hexane.To answer the question of how to get from hexane, benzene, need to produce so-called aromatization of hexane.During this chemical reaction, hexane linear molecule in turn from the closed compartment with associated hydrogen atoms.However, for the production of this reaction must be to create the conditions of high temperature (about 600 degrees) and pressure.Also, for such a transformation, using aluminum or chromium catalysts are coated with a thin layer of platinum.
  3. hexane aromatization, however is not the only way to get the benzene.How to get the benzene from methane?Let's face it.Because methane in pure benzene get fails, however, because the situation there is an exit.Methane can be heated to 1500 degrees, and then rapidly cooled to a temperature of 20 degrees.Thus obtained acetylene methane.And then it from acetylene, benzene can be obtained by the above method.

So, we figured out how to get the benzene.Proceeding from the above materials, it can be concluded that the production of this product is a fairly time-consuming process that can not be realized without the creation of laboratory conditions.