How to get the hydrogen ?

How to get the hydrogen ?

hydrogen production - one of the main chains of hydrogen energy.Hydrogen in pure form, practically does not occur in nature, so it must be extracted from other substances by various chemical techniques and methods.As

produce hydrogen: Methods

  • Steam conversion of methane and natural gas: water vapor at high temperature (700 - 1,000 degrees Celsius) is mixed with methane at a pressure in the presence of catalyzing substances.
  • Coal gasification, one of the oldest methods for producing hydrogen.Without access of air at a temperature of 800 - 1300 degrees Celsius with carbon is heated by steam, wherein the coal from the water displaces oxygen.The output is a carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
  • .: Electrolysis of water is a very simple method of producing hydrogen.The container is filled with a solution of baking soda, which is placed 2 electric element corresponds to one minus - the cathode, another plus - the anode.In this solution was supplied with electricity, to which water was disintegrating components - hydrogen is released at the cathode and oxygen at the anode.
  • Pyrolysis: the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen without air and at high temperatures.
  • partial oxidation of aluminum alloy metal and gallium in a special form briquettes, which are placed in a container of water by a chemical reaction produces hydrogen and aluminum oxide.Gallium is used in the alloy to prevent oxidation of aluminum.
  • Biotechnology: in the 20th century it was discovered that if the algae Chlamydomonas will lack oxygen and sulfur in the process of life, they will begin to rapidly release hydrogen.
  • Deep gas planet: in the bowels of the earth, hydrogen can be stored in a pure gaseous form, but it is not suitable to develop from there.

How to produce hydrogen from water

The easiest way to produce hydrogen from water electrolysis is.Electrolysis - chemical process in which the electrolyte solution when an electric current is split into its constituent parts, i.e. in this case the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen.To do this, use a solution of baking soda in water and two elements - a cathode and an anode, which will be highlighted and gases.On elements is energized, oxygen is liberated at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode.

How to obtain hydrogen at home

reagents used are quite simple - vitriol (copper), salt, aluminum and water.Aluminium can be taken out of beer cans, but first, you need to burn it to get rid of the plastic film that prevents the reaction.Then

separately preparing sulfate solution and brine, the solution of blue vitriol is mixed with a salt solution, resulting in a green solution was obtained.Then, this green solution throw piece of aluminum foil around the bubbles appear - is hydrogen.Also note that the foil is covered with a red bloom, this aluminum replaced copper from solution.In order to collect the hydrogen for personal purposes, use a bottle with a cork, which is inserted in advance not wide tube through which the gas will be go.

And now, attention!Precautionary measures.Since hydrogen is an explosive gas, the experiments should be done with him in the street, and secondly the reaction of hydrogen production takes place with high heat, the solution can be sprayed and you simply burn.

How to get hydrogen peroxide

  • In the laboratory the hydrogen peroxide is prepared by reacting: BaO2 + H2SO4 = BaSO4 + H2O2.
  • an industrial scale it is produced by electrolysis of sulfuric acid which is formed during the persulfuric acid, which is eventually disintegrating sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • As hydrogen is still in the laboratory: a laboratory often hydrogen are prepared by reacting zinc and hydrochloric acid: Zn + 2HCl = H2 + ZnCl2.

I hope with this article you learned that the information you needed, and once again I warn you - be careful with any experiments and experiments with hydrogen!