How to get calcium?

How to get calcium?

Calcium is a typical alkaline earth metal with a pronounced metallic properties.That is why many chemical problems are built on the method of its production, as well as chemical properties.

How to get calcium

metallic calcium can be obtained in two ways:

  1. electrolysis of molten calcium chloride: CaCl2 = Ca + Cl2
  2. aluminothermic calcium recovery from its oxide (CaO).The equation for this reaction is as follows: 4CaO + 2Al - & gt;CaAl2O4 + Ca

calcium metal should be stored under a layer of paraffin or kerosene, asThis element is very chemically active and can enter into a spontaneous reaction with water vapor and oxygen.

How to obtain calcium carbonate

under the chemical name calcium carbonate hide all known materials: chalk and marble.This chemical reaction is familiar to all of us.It occurs at the moment of boiling water in a kettle and the formation of scale - calcium carbonate.In

water always contains various salts, including calcium carbonate.When the evaporation of water or heating (as observed in natural conditions), it decomposes and calcium carbonate is formed:

Ca (HCO3) 2 - & gt;CaCO3 + H2CO3 - & gt;CaCO3 + H2O + CO2

It is because of this reaction, the formation of calcium carbonate from its carbonate, in the caves there are amazing in their form columns and icicles hanging from the ceiling, called stalactites and stalagmites.

How to obtain calcium carbide

calcium carbide is used during welding.It is produced in the industrial environment of the calcium carbonate by heating the latter in a special kiln to fifteen hundred degrees.Thus the reaction zone formed must be discharged during her dioxide (carbon dioxide) and oxide (carbon monoxide) of carbon.

CaCO3 + 3C = CaC3 + CO2 + CO

under laboratory conditions to obtain calcium carbide requires a special burner and a crucible made of special heat-resistant glass brands.But in the home to get the calcium carbide is not possible.

How to obtain calcium oxide

Calcium - a very active metal that reacts readily with oxygen.As a result of such reaction produces calcium oxide:

2CA + O2 - & gt;2CaO

fact, this combustion reaction, while the flame is colored orange-red color.

How to get calcium chloride

Calcium can react with chlorine under normal conditions to form calcium chloride:

Ca + Cl2 - & gt;CaCl2

Calcium chloride is widely used in industry and medicine.

How to obtain calcium hydroxide

If we look at a number of standard metal potential, we note that in relation to hydrogen calcium is to the left, and therefore, the metal will react freely with water even under normal conditions to form calcium hydroxide:

Ca + 2H2O - & gt;Ca (OH) 2 + H2 + Q

This reaction proceeds with liberation of a large amount of heat, but the risk of fire, in contrast to the reaction of alkali metals with water, does not arise.