How to get the methane ?

How to get the methane ?

Methane - the simplest representative of saturated hydrocarbons.It burns well with the release of large amounts of heat, so it is widely used by industry.

How to obtain methane industry

Methane is a part of natural gas and gas that accompanies oil fields.Therefore industry receives methane from these gases.

How to obtain methane at home

Methane has another name - swamp gas.To get it at home should take a little bit of soil from the bottom of the swamp and put it in a jar on top of the bay water.Bank tightly sealed and placed in a dark and warm place.After a few days you will notice the appearance of small gas bubbles of water surface.The resulting methane can be taken away from the banks through the vent tube.

How to obtain methane in the laboratory

Get methane in the laboratory in several ways:

  1. passing a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and carbon disulfide through a tube at the bottom of which is a red-hot copper: CS2 + 2H2S + 8Cu = CH4 + Cu2S.It was the first method for producing methane.Later it was found that methane can be obtain by heating a mixture of hydrogen and carbon in the presence of a nickel catalyst to 475 degrees.Without the use of a catalyst mixture has to be heated up to 1200 degrees.C + 2H2 = CH4
  2. Currently methane is prepared by heating a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium acetate: SN3SOONa + NaOH = Na2CO3 + CH4.
  3. Get pure methane can be in aluminum carbide reaction and water: Al4C3 + 12H2O = 4 Al (OH) 3 + 3CH4
  4. Synthesis of methane may also be conducted on the basis of combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide: CO + 3H2 = CH4 + H2O

How to get from methane, acetylene

Get acetylene from methane can be as a result of heating to a temperature in the last fifteen hundred degrees:

2 CH4 & gt;C2H2 + H2

How to get from methanol

methane to obtain methanol from methane should spend a few chemical reactions.First, there is a reaction between chlorine and methane.This reaction proceeds only in the light, asit runs photons of light.During this reaction produces hydrochloric acid and trichloromethane: CH4 + Cl2 & gt;CH3Cl + HCl.Then reacted obtained between trichloromethane and aqueous sodium hydroxide.This results in methanol, and sodium chloride: CH3Cl + NaOH & gt;NaCl + CH3OH

How to get from methane aniline

Get aniline methane may do only a chain of reactions that looks schematically as: CH4 & gt;C2H2 & gt;C6H6 & gt;C6H5NO2 & gt;C6H5NH2.First

produce methane heating to 1500 degrees, thereby forming a acetylene.Then get out of acetylene, benzene, using Zelinsky reaction.For this purpose through a heated tube to 600 degrees, a half-filled with activated carbon, acetylene is passed: 3S2H2 = C6H6

nitrobenzene was prepared from benzene: C6H6 + HNO3 = C6H5NO2 + H2O, which is a feedstock for aniline.This process goes on Zinin reaction:

S6H5NO2 + 3 (NH4) 2S = C6H5NH2 + 6NH3 + 3S + 2H2O.