How to obtain sodium ?

How to obtain sodium ?

Sodium is an alkali metal.Its reactivity is the highest among all the other metals of the periodic table.That is why many of the chemical properties of the problem based on this element, and its preparation.

How to obtain sodium: Formula

Previously sodium was obtained by reduction of sodium carbonate.For this purpose, an iron container tightly stacked carbon and sodium carbonate.Then heat the mixture to 1000 degrees:

Na2CO3 + 2C - & gt;2Na + 3 CO

Currently, the industry uses a different method for producing metallic sodium.To this melt is carried out electrolysis of sodium chloride.

2NaCl - & gt;2Na + Cl2

melt For crystals of sodium chloride must be heated to 500 - 600 degrees.

Many people wonder how you can get sodium in the home.As you can see it's possible, if you can reach the melting point of salt (sodium chloride).Then lower the melt two graphite electrodes and connect them to the source of direct electric current.

How to obtain sodium

Sodium hydroxide reacts very violently with water to produce sodium hydroxide, hydrogen release and high heat.Sodium even enters into reaction with the water vapor air, so sodium metal stored under a layer of paraffin or liquid paraffin.

2Na + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2

Sodium hydroxide is widely used in industry and everyday life.This compound also has other names: caustic soda, caustic alkali, caustics, technical or caustic soda.

How to obtain sodium oxide

Sodium is readily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen (which is why sodium metal is stored under a layer of kerosene) with the formation of sodium oxide:

4Na + O2 = 2Na2O

Many students believe that to obtain sodium oxide, can be achieved by the reaction of sodium burningoxygen.But this is not true.Sodium during combustion so actively interacts with oxygen instead of an oxide formed Sodium Peroxide:

2Na + O2 = Na2O2

How to obtain sodium acetate

Get sodium acetate can by conducting the neutralization reaction of sodium bicarbonate with acetic acid:


This chemical reaction is familiar to housewives, baking a variety of products from the test, they are often used to carry it out.

If necessary to obtain sodium acetate in crystalline form, obtained from the reaction solution was evaporated.

Thus, to obtain sodium acetate is very simple at home.But even easier to come in and buy it at the store, which sells chemicals, asThis substance is very cheap, and tinker with its independent manufacturer hardly worth it.

Sodium Chloride: how to get

Get sodium chloride can conduct the neutralization of hydrochloric acid with sodium carbonate.During the reaction a solution of sodium chloride in water and carbon dioxide is released.If necessary, the preparation of crystalline sodium chloride produced in the reaction solution was subjected to evaporation.

Na2CO3 + HCl = NaCl + H2O + CO2

Called sodium chloride hides well all of us familiar table salt.