How to get sulfur ?

How to get sulfur ?

In general, the question regarding how to get the sulfur rather interesting and entertaining, if only because sulfur is a part of not only the mining and natural rocks and is necessary for human life, but is a part ofhuman body.Sulfur is a typical chemical fuel and a nonmetal element.Since ancient times people have used sulfur in the home and found the methods of its production.At this point in time it opened many ways to get the sulfur.

The most common way to obtain sulfur is the method proposed back in 1890 G.Farshem.He suggested that melting sulfur under the earth, and with the help of wells to pump it to the surface.The idea was that the sulfur - the fusible element, melting point 113 0 C, which facilitates the sublimation process.Based on the proposed ideas are having different methods of obtaining sulfur from sulfur ores and mining deposits:

  • -steam,
  • filtration,
  • thermal,
  • tsentrfugalny,
  • ekstratsionny.

All of these methods and techniques are widely used in the mining industry.Also popular method for production of chemically pure fine sulfur from natural gas, which is the ideal raw material in the chemical industry and rubber.Since sulfur is contained in large quantities in gaseous form in natural gas, then the gas production it settles on the walls of the pipes, rapidly disabling them.So I found a way to catch it as soon as gas production.

How to get sulfur oxide

sulfur oxide (VI) - volatile, colorless liquid with a suffocating pungent odor.The most common and simple methods for the preparation of sulfur oxide:

  1. In the presence of a catalyst under heating oxidized sulfur oxide (IV) with air, thereby obtaining a sulfur oxide (VI).
  2. thermal decomposition of sulfates.
  3. sulfur oxide (IV) is oxidized with ozone to produce sulfur oxide (VI).
  4. The oxidation reaction of sulfur oxide (IV) using nitric oxide, thereby producing a sulfur oxide (VI).

How to get the sulfur oxide 4

sulfur oxide (IV), or sulfur dioxide - a colorless gas with a characteristic odor suffocating.Under laboratory conditions, the sulfur oxide (IV) is prepared by reacting sodium hydrosulfite and sulfuric acid or by heating with copper concentrated sulfuric acid.Also in nature and common laboratory method of sulfur oxide (IV) on the action of strong acids, sulfites and hydrosulfites.As a result of such reaction produces sulfuric acid, which immediately decomposed into water and sulfur oxide (IV).Industrial process for preparing a sulfur oxide (IV) - burning sulfur or roasting sulfides - pyrite.

How to get from the hydrogen sulfide sulfur

method for producing sulfur from hydrogen sulphide is carried out in the laboratory.It should immediately be noted that such a method of obtaining sulfur should be carried out for all the security measures as hydrogen sulphide - a toxic substance and active.The method consists in the interaction (reaction) of hydrogen sulfide with sulfuric acid, thereby forming water, sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide and finely dispersed, which remain on the bottom of the tube at the end of the reaction as a precipitate.The resulting precipitate was filtered, washed and allowed to dry.This will be the fine sulfur.