What is it : the wind ?

What is it : the wind ?

Since ancient times, people thought the wind one of the fundamental elements and worshiped him.In a certain extent, this was due to a lack of understanding of the processes occurring in nature, as well as the complete lack of this element.Furthermore, even today we are not able to manage this force of nature and absolutely helpless against even minor storms or tornadoes.Winds are different: strong and weak, wet and dry, northern, western, southern and eastern.In some regions, for example, in the mountains or on the large valleys, the wind blows constantly.In addition, there are the wind, because of which produced tornadoes and other deadly disasters.

More recently, mankind has been able to tame a small part of these elements by building windmills, and later, and electric generators.In the world there are hundreds of power plants that use wind power for localities or facilities electricity.

Wind, which he is by nature, and why there?

If you do not know why the wind blows - it's not a problem.Describe the process is very simple: the wind - it's the air masses that move from the high pressure zone to a lower pressure zone.In addition, the movement direction of the wind effect continuous rotation of the planet and its temperature in certain points.It should be noted that in some places in the world the prevailing wind blowing in one direction only.

To determine what are the winds in a particular region, then used since ancient weather vane: a small plane figure on a hinge, which is located on a high stick.Thanks to its special aerodynamic shape, it always takes place in the direction of the wind movement.Measure the strength of the wind, you can use an anemometer - a special device made of a solid and sustainable basis, as well as the vertical axis, on which the freely rotating cross with metal hemispheres at the ends.They have done a small hole, so that when the wind begins breath movement of the metal cross on its axis.According to the number of revolutions is determined and wind power.

should also mention boron wind.It occurs in areas where high mountains are in close proximity to the ocean or the sea.This type of wind is the source of major destruction in many towns in the coastal zone.Bora is a sharp temperature drop, and its speed can reach 80 m / s.