What is alchemy ?

What is alchemy ?

terms "alchemy", "Sorcerer's Stone" was always attracted to people, as something mysterious and forbidden.Surrounded by mystery, covered with legends and speculation, they still excite inquisitive minds.So what is alchemy, and what do the alchemists?

Meaning of

The exact origin of the concept of "alchemy" (lat. Alchymia from Arab. Al-kimia) is not known.It is believed that it came from Greek into Arabic.There existed a similar word meaning "essence", "alloy", "die", "mixing".In Greece, the concept came from Egypt, where "Keme" means "black", "black earth" and was related to the knowledge associated with the earth and metals.

That is, the main object of study of alchemy from ancient times were metals and their conversion.

history of the emergence and development

history of alchemy begins in ancient times.The science of this field of knowledge has evolved in the period of late antiquity.Large contributions were made by the scientists of Alexandria (Egypt III-IV cent.), Developing a system metalloplanetnoy symbols.Each metal corresponded to a celestial body (gold - Sun Silver - Moon Mercury - Mercury, etc...).

followers of the ancient Arab scholars began to alchemists, brought this knowledge to Europe after the conquest of the Pyrenees in the VIII.What

studied alchemy

most widely alchemy it received in Europe during the Middle Ages.Many believe that alchemy - the prototype of modern chemistry.However, it included and philosophical knowledge of nature and the human soul.

The main purpose of the exercise was to find ways to carry out qualitative changes in the objects of their transition to another level.This applies to the animate and inanimate objects.To help in these transformations was the philosopher's stone or the elixir of life.Scientists have persistently searched for a substance as a means to turn base metals into gold and silver, to cure diseases and to rejuvenate the body.

role of alchemy

Discovery alchemists had a tremendous influence on the development of natural sciences.This preparation alloys, salts, acids and bases, dyes.Many methods have been developed laboratory work.Great alchemists and contribution to the development of pharmacology, medicine (Avicenna, Paracelsus).That is the alchemy of science has been very useful.