What it is: the rain?

What it is: the rain?

Rain is one of the most common atmospheric phenomena.More people have long been associated with its gods and drought days prayed for rain and harvest.Let's talk about what the rain for what it is, and also consider the question of its importance for the individual.

rain Formation

rain is formed due to water vapor, which is concentrated in the Earth's atmosphere.Due to the fact that the steam rises into the upper atmosphere, it begins to cool and converted into minute water particles.These particles are collected in a cloud, which gradually increases and at some point in their mass reaches the point of formation of larger droplets.Due to the fact that the mass of the droplet is too large, they fall to the ground.Since rain is formed.

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rain Currently, scholars have identified several types of rain:

  • duration: short, long.
  • in nature: rain, drizzle, normal.
  • on the features of occurrence: a mushroom or a sunny snow rain, acid rain, the snow.

Intermittent rain is typical for many regions of the world, including deserts.Its distinguishing feature is the short duration of time, and the short rains are often quite strong.As for the long rains, they are characteristic of regions with tropical climate and monsoon.These rains can be both weak and quite strong.

Sunny rain characterized by the fact that during the precipitation the sun is not hidden behind the clouds rain.As for the snow to rain, which in Russia is more often called rain and snow, its prominent feature is the loss of both of the two types of deposits, namely, snow and rain.

Acid rain falls as a result of entering into the atmosphere of harmful chemical emissions.This rain can be dangerous to humans as well as plants and animals.

Role of Chance in life

Role of rain for humanity can not be overestimated.At various times people thought rain either their salvation or damnation.There were whole cults that worshiped the phenomenon of rain.Currently, the use of rain, like his injury is obvious.After all, rain is the guarantor of a good harvest, while prolonged rain can cause flooding and destroy entire cities.

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