What is it : the snow ?

What is it : the snow ?

If you've ever played in the snow, sledding, build barricades and making snowmen, then you certainly know what it is - snow.Soft and fluffy, white and sparkling, cold and scorching ... Many adjectives can choose this type of precipitation.

consider in more detail what constitutes a snow.

What snow

Snow - a type of precipitation solid consistency as crystals or flakes, as well as a solid mass of sediment covering the ground.Formed crystals of snow due to freezing of water vapor in the clouds (on this subject, read the article Where the snow is taken).

white color of snow is because the snowflakes fully reflect light (more you can read the article Why is snow white).When squeezing the snow mass audible crunch, which arises as a result of championing crystals and crystal lattice distortion.


Types There are several types of snow.snow properties depend on the air temperature, altitude, and even the formation of the number of people who passed through the snow.Type of snow is very important to determine the skiers and snowboarders, asnamely the speed of movement depends on it.

  • powder, or "Pukhlyak" - soft, fluffy, freshly fallen snow.
  • hard snow - so the snow has melted, but again cold.
  • Nast - hard crust covering the soft snow, which is formed under the influence of sun and wind.
  • Sleet or snow porridge - the snow containing a large amount of water, melted (read the article Why the snow melts)
  • ice - thick hard snow, which was several times the melting and freezing cycles.The worst type of snow for skiers.

Snowfall and its species

phenomenon called loss of snow flakes snowfall.

There are several types of snow:

  • snow, mixed with rain;
  • small snow (falling to the ground or some cohesion between failure crystals flakes);
  • strong - storm snow;
  • snow under a clear sky (when the snowflakes are formed due to the high humidity).

snow is very different - the dry, powdery, wet, diamond, blue and pink.Read about this in the article What is the snow.