Who invented the Internet ?

Who invented the Internet ?

As one would expect, the Internet has created a collective and, alas, hardly anyone today remembers those students whom and development of promising network for the exchange of information was entrusted.Samu conceptual design was entrusted to produce a group of students from the University of California.Financing of the project engaged the US Department of Defense.The goal was set clear - find a way to link the individual computers with university centers.In this case, America could count on maintaining its conceptual core of society, even in the event of nuclear war.

Once young professionals have completed the main phase of its development, the project is assigned to the most experienced older generation of scientists.Ancestor of the Internet has been finalized, and started testing it.

first prototype of the network appeared in the distant 1969, and once it became clear that the future belongs to this method of disseminating information.The first system is called ARPANET and was used to connect universities and scientists together.Then in 1983, it has grown to the ARPANET another system, MULTYNET, which was reserved exclusively for military use.ARPANET MULTYNET and soon had an opportunity to communicate.The new network was named INTERNET.Supercomputers tied all information flows together, eventually turned the Internet as we know it.

Thus, in answer to the question of who invented the Internet, we can say with certainty that it was the students who, by the way, received a modest fee for his work.

It is said that the majority of servers with the content currently located on the territory of the United States.So, in some ways, it was the Americans control virtually all information space.Internet traffic is now transmitted by satellites or fiber-optic cables laid on the bottom of the Ocean.But that is very strange, a direct connection between Russia and the United States is absent, except for satellites and copper wires, laid on the early days of telephony.Internet - a strategic resource, so each state seeks to protect itself against this background, but really a safety boast US only.In short, who invented the Internet, and that it enjoys priority.