What is rain ?

What is rain ?

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What is rain?

We all know and rollicking summer shower, and quiet autumn drizzle, and unexpected blind warm rain.Rains in all seasons and in almost all corners of our planet.And what is the rain?Let's face it.

rain as a natural phenomenon

Rain - is a type of precipitation that falls to the ground in the form of water droplets.Why is the rain?He falls from clouds that contain water droplets and ice crystals.When the temperature (in the clouds) below 0 degrees there is a growth of ice crystals, which become larger and heavier and fall out of the clouds.Thus the crystals freezes water droplets.

Falling to the ground, the crystals begin to melt in the warmer lower atmosphere, turning into rain.

rain Types

Rains vary in size water droplets in intensity and duration.It depends on the time of year, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and many other circumstances.In scientific classification rains are divided into three types:

  • rain showers,
  • drizzling rain,
  • protracted (widespread) rain.

Mostly rain consists of the largest and most severe drops.This rain begins and ends suddenly.He was not there long and is often accompanied by thunderstorms and sometimes hail.

lingering rain - a rain of medium intensity, but the longest of all.That incessant rains may last for several days, and in the tropical regions of going for months.

drizzling rain sometimes does not even look like a rain in the usual sense.It consists of very small droplets, under which it is impossible to vymoknut who do not even leave marks on puddles.

addition to these basic types of known and such rains:

  1. Exotic.The rains, in which the sky with water droplets falling hurricane raised animals, fish, plants, seeds and herbs (and other items).
  2. Colored rain (red, black, yellow) are formed due to the impurities to the water drops of dust or pollen.
  3. Freezing rain is composed of drops in an ice shell.Breaking at the surface, such drops cover all that get a crust of ice.
  4. Acid rain and radioactive impurities contain harmful substances.
  5. Virga, rain or the clouds.This rain in which water droplets do not reach the earth's surface.

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