Who invented radio?

Who invented radio?

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Who invented radio?

As a rule, asking the Russian child who invented the radio, you get the answer: Popov.To the west is sure that the person who created the radio, was an Italian engineer Guglielmo Marconi.It's time to sort out this confusing stories and dot all the "i".

What is considered radio, and who invented it

In fact ... what the radio?This propagation of electromagnetic waves.Based on this definition, we conclude the following ... The concept of the electromagnetic field introduced into science by Michael Faraday in the distant 1845.After 20 years, James Maxwell formulated the theory of the electromagnetic field.It was fixed the basic laws of the electromagnetic field.Maxwell gives off electromagnetic radiation propagates freely in space at the speed of light.Even 22 years later (in 1887) Heinrich Hertz invented the design of the generator and the resonator electromagnetic oscillations.The following year he proved with the help of his invention, that there are electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light in free space.It turns out that Hertz proved the idea of ​​Faraday and Maxwell.If so, here they are - the ones who invented the radio!And here Popov and Marconi?But Hertz devices worked only at a distance of several meters from each other.

Who invented radio receiver

Alexander Popov and Guglielmo Marconi worked on Hertz instruments and add to them a grounding, antenna and coherer to make the signal more clearly.From the standpoint of equipment, Popov and Marconi made the same.The question of who before?In the afternoon we have considered radio May 7, 1895.On this day, Alexander Popov demonstrated storm indicator at a meeting of the Russian Physical and Chemical Society.A March 24, 1896, he demonstrated the transmission of a radio signal that is a radiogram of the two voices.The same experiments were carried out at the same time Marconi, but he applied for a patent, which was July 2, 1897 ... He used the receiver Popov, but improved it by adding a call batteries.Somewhere wrote that comparing the schemes Popov and Marconi, Marconi is seen lagging circuit for 2 years.

How long continue to argue about who invented the radio!And we are accustomed to thinking of the word "radio" transmission of sounds we can understand, but not Morse code.This broadcast was arranged for the first time December 24, 1906 Reginald Fessenden in Massachusetts.It was broadcast music and voices.