What is the anatomy ?

What is the anatomy ?

Mankind is engaged in science due to the vital necessity.Studying the unknown opens up new possibilities and improves all areas of our lives.Among other disciplines present anatomy.Find out what the anatomy, we partially help in school, but is this enough to understand how important it is for society?

Definition anatomy

Word is, anyway, to be heard by everyone, but few people know exactly what is the anatomy.The definition reads as follows - this is one of biology that studies the location of the tissue complexes and structure of plants, animals and humans.Depending on these areas and changing the name - fitotomiya (plants), zootomy (animals), antrotoponomiya (man).

anatomy Tasks

understand what human anatomy, help tasks that are assigned to anthroponomy.At the present stage of development, the main areas are:

  • description of the structure of human organs.Regulations and their relationship with each other, taking into account age, sex and individual characteristics of the organism.
  • study of the relationship form organs and structures with their functions.
  • study of body composition and body parts.

Directions anatomy (normal and pathological)

In turn, the anatomy is divided into two areas - it is a normal and pathological anatomy.Normal anatomy studies the healthy body and has the following sections:

  • Systematic (shares and considers the body Systems).
  • Topographic (practical importance in surgery).
  • Plastic (describes the statics and dynamics of forms).It has great significance in art, especially in sculpture and portraiture.
  • Dynamic (exploring all kinds of human movement - sports, work, etc.).
  • Sport (changes as a result of sports selection).
  • Age (impact of age-related changes in the anatomical features).
  • types (study of the internal structure of the relation with the external forms).

The youngest direction arising at the end of the last century, this ecological anatomy and the anatomy of a living person (radiation).

study of painful changes in the structure of organs, cells and tissues, such is the pathological anatomy.The doctor pathologist does not only post-mortem diagnosis of irreversible processes, but also in vivo study of disease mechanisms.It is widely used in oncology as well as the in vivo study of this expert carried out on the material operational organs removed and biopsies.

anatomy Methods

As methods of studying anatomy is also subject to division.Basically distinguish 3 groups of methods:

  • The study only human cadaver.
  • Learning how to live, and on human cadaver.
  • Study only on the living material.