Who invented the telephone ?

Who invented the telephone ?

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Who invented the telephone?

At the moment, the telephone connection is necessary for people in the highest degree.Caught without a phone, we feel literally cut off from the world and events.Modern society is totally dependent on telecommunications technology.It is safe to say that today it is impossible to imagine any kind of economic development without telephone communication.

How it all began?Who invented the telephone?History tells us that the question of who still first invented the telephone remains open.Many believe that the phone is in the modern sense was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.A native of Scotland, who lived and worked first in Canada and then in the US, made in 1876 seemed to be the impossible.He was able to pass the audio signal of speech in the space with the help of electricity.

Some historians argue that German scientist Philip Rice, another 15 years before Bell created a similar device.In order not to damage the reputation of Bella, these documents hidden for a long time.The initiator of concealment, according to some sources, was an English businessman Sir Frank Gill.

also known for certain that two other scientists worked to create phones at the same time as Rice with Bell.It was Antonio Meucci and Elisha Gray.So who was the first?

obnarodyvaniya After the recent documents of the London Science Museum curator for the history of communications John Liffenom learned that Frank Gill did have reasons to hide invention Rice.The fact that this person for some time was the chairman of the board of directors Standart Telephones and Cables.This company has been testing the system at Rice.At the same time, the company led a bitter struggle for getting the contract with the company American Telephone and Telegraph, which was the successor of Bell Company.Jill thought that if he reveals documents on Rice testing devices, it leshit STC profitable trade.Accordingly, he found it necessary to hide this information.

Over the years, a number of scholars have stated that the first who invented the telephone was Philip Rice.Recently released documents prove it.

Gerald Garratu managed to get one of the STC reports, provided that the content of the document will never be made public without special permission.One gets the impression that the STC leadership tried to return the report in all possible ways.Here is an excerpt from a letter Garrata authorship invention of the telephone:

" I have the impression that [the documents] have something so secret that they can be considered documents of the highest historical value you need to know as well as I the old joke -.and I have here an unpublished manuscript of over 400 pages, proving conclusively that the phone he invented it possible to interpret your desire to receive these reports that you agree "-,"? Does Bell telephone invented. "?

In 1955, in response to this letter, a researcher from the STC acoustic laboratory, E-C Pocock wrote Garratu following:

" decision [Frank Gill] was because he did not want to name STC associated withwhatever was reticence that could result from [mention] the device Rice ".

After analyzing the whole situation, John Liffey made this conclusion:

" German" phone "could transmit speech very little he could play it in good quality, but it is very inefficient if you mean a device that allows a phone to communicate..at any distance, if not [Rice] invented "phone.

Therefore, this argument is developed around the most uncertainty in the terminology.What to consider for your phone?Someone claims that the phone - a device that renders it at any distance, and someone that - a voice device in principle.Choose and formulate your point of view, to be yourself, dear reader.