What is hydroponics ?

What is hydroponics ?

Rainbow gave us seven beautiful colors.But we can get a lot more colors, if we learn to mix paint.How to mix paints to get the colors of the usual mysterious, original and catchy colors?Of course, you need a bit of ingenuity.But the basic principles we describe in our article today.

Mix wisely

Paints can be blended not only watercolors, but any brand, even the paint intended for the repair of houses.Of course, you need to figure out what color you Prigogine and only then start to experiment.By learning to mix paint, you can make a beautiful design in her home, as only beneficial colors decorate your house can make it lighter or visually enlarge the area of ​​the rooms.If you are by mixing find the right color, it will save not only time that you spend on the search for the right color, but also means, as the unusual colors are more expensive than those that are available flow in the production, such as, for example, green.


Before you buy paint, go to the intended purchase of the store and ask if possible to mix paint it on a special machine.Only this device will mix them evenly and clearly will measure the amount of ingredients in the paint.That you can do exactly the same color of greater volume.In this work, it is important not to mix the dry mixture and inks which have different code and if these components belong to different groups.That is vodoemulsionku mix only with water-based paint.Paint organic mixed only with their own kind.If you break this rule, your paint may curl up and become unusable.Although alkyd paint can be mixed with one another perfectly in any proportions.These are very important tips to help you actually learn how to mix paint.

The process of obtaining colors

In order to have turned green, you need to add blue to yellow.Only need to mix carefully so as not to overdo it.Orange you get if you mix the red with bright yellow.Purple prepared by mixing two colors: blue and bright red or scarlet.When you are interested in the color "coffee with milk", it is necessary to mix white and brown.Red, mixed with green, you get brown.White Plus Brown plus yellow - beige equals.How to mix paints to get a gentle orange color?Mixing white, ocher and bright red color, you get a nice apricot color.Terracotta will, if you mix orange and brown.Ochre comes out, if you make a mix of yellow and brown colors.Tobacco - the color of "friendship" in yellow, green and white colors.Following the link, you can read an interesting article on how to get the gray color - "How do I get a gray?".

On the same color and the rules obtained in other colors, so if you are an artist, then our article is very useful to you when you will be working with his easel.We hope you understand how to properly mix the paint and soon you will be able to create in its interior or on its canvas perfect combination of colors.