What is the gallbladder ?

What is the gallbladder ?

Gallbladder - the human body, as well as vertebrates, which collects bile from the liver to further release it into the small intestine under the influence of special hormones - cholecystokinin.

Follow the steps below on the structure, location and purpose of the gallbladder.

Where is and how it looks?

The gallbladder is bred on the lower surface of the liver.The shape of the bubble is oval.In its structure, it is a bag-shaped reservoir several elongated shape - one end of a wide, another - narrow.The transition from one end to the other - smooth.Bubble size ranges in length from 8 to 14 cm in width - from 3 to 5 cm Color Bubble -. greenish.


Gall bladder is from the bottom (the widest part), and the middle part of the neck (narrowest part).This departs from the neck of the cystic bile duct, which is Lyutkensa sphincter, which regulates the exchange of bile.

What is the gall bladder?

So, as we have said, the gallbladder sends the bile into the small intestine.The main task of the gallbladder - collect the proper amount of bile and gut transfer it at the right time, namely when the stomach receives food.

bile in the intestine performs a variety of functions, and most of them connected with the organization of proper digestion.For example, bile provides for changing the intestinal gastric digestion, filters, cholesterol and other substances that can not be filtered by the kidney activates the enzymes needed for protein digestion.

Can you live without a gallbladder?

gallbladder does not apply to the vital organs, and therefore with a serious violation of its functioning (its causes, in most cases is a poor diet - mode violation, excessive use of alcohol and fatty foods, and liver dysfunction), for example, by stagnation of bile,removes patients.

A person can live without gall bladder, but it must be before the end of the life of special diet and nutrition, to hold regular special exercises and drug therapy.

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