In which seas are sharks ?

In which seas are sharks ?

Going to the spa, people want to be confident in the safety of yourself and your loved ones.In recent years, many serious threat seems to shark attacks.The reason for this are the increasing reports in the media about such cases.So, in any seas there are sharks?

Scientists claim that sharks live today not only in the seas, and in the oceans, and are also found in some lakes and rivers.Sharks appeared on the planet for a long time, so it is not surprising that a few million years of evolution, they have adapted to life anywhere.

whether found in shark seas?

As mentioned above, the sharks may be in different parts of the globe.However, live sharks prefer to wherever they are most comfortable, but the conditions are better suited for breeding.

The most common sharks live in the open and coastal waters, sometimes they can be found in rivers.Since it is known that these fish can be found in the Ganges and Amazon.

If we talk about the sea, the sharks can be found precisely in the Baltic, Barents, Azov, and the Far Eastern seas.Perhaps you've heard that in the Black Sea there are sharks and decided that it was a rumor.Forced to upset you, but there are also encountered.They live in the Mediterranean, although people are attacked very rarely.

In recent years, frequent reports of shark attacks in the Red Sea.Scientists say that this behavior for sharks is not normal, but rather falls into the list of anomalies.

course, sharks prefer to live in the warm waters of the oceans and seas.Sometimes they are also found in northern waters, and the cold parts of the sea, but it is rather an exception.Sharks tend to live where it is easier to produce their own food and the majority of marine creatures living just in the warm waters.Since sharks are predators, such food is interested in them in the first place.

There are data showing that, sharks may be in the cold waters.Because today the inhabitants of colder waters are not fully understood, it is impossible to say for sure about the possibility of sharks in cold seas.