What are the plants ?

What are the plants ?

plant role for all living creatures is huge.Everyone knows at least a little, what do you want the plant.Plants - a lungs of the planet Earth, it is the source of life.Plants are the producers of oxygen, which is necessary for respiration of people and animals.The plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases vital oxygen.

Thanks to the endless cycle of all that is in nature, people get life-giving substance.They eat nutrient-rich plant and animal foods.Consume people wild plants and agricultural products, as well as the animals for which these plants are also food.Useful animal - a cow that eats in summer green, lush grass, and in winter - hay, and gives such an important and a product like milk.During the processing of the milk obtained: cream, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, cheese.Dairy products are useful, especially for children, because they contain calcium and other nutrients.But that's not all, what do you want the plant to man.

Why plants

Plant leaves are green, thanks to the large amount of a substance called chlorophyll.In autumn, when chlorophyll levels drop, leaf gradually begins to die, the color changes to yellow, red, brown.Chlorophyll is the source of a variety of nutrients needed any organism.These substances - starch, protein, sugar and essentially all living constructed.

Why do plants need water

Water is the source of existence on earth of all living organisms.Plants can not operate without water, it is necessary for the physiological and metabolic processes of growth of any plant.Chemical reactions occur in plants only in the presence of water.In plant photosynthesis process takes place, that is the formation of organic substances in the plant from water and carbon dioxide, with the participation of chlorophyll.Lack of water causes the plant to concentrate all their efforts on the root system, the foliage remains nothing.Therefore, any plant that does not get the right amount of water, gradually fades, fades away.


However, indoor plants fill the house not only the beauty of the colors, but also have different properties.It is believed that certain types of houseplants absorb negative energy, helping to establish family relationships.If a plant is no proper care, it begins to fade, and then vice versa collect human energy to survive.People are punctual, responsible and calm, when grown indoor plants, which need constant care, patience and time.

benefits of indoor plants

Some house plants bring into the house of peace, joy, and other same plant can be used for medicinal purposes with a cold drink or herbal teas.Besides indoor plants improve the air, releasing oxygen, cleanse it from toxic substances, increase humidity, reduce electromagnetic radiation kills bacteria.

This houseplant as Chlorophytum has a large bactericidal effect, 24 hours is completely cleans the room from harmful microorganisms, activated charcoal in a flower pot enhances cleaning effect.Another very common plant - room geranium kill staphylococci and streptococci.This plant is better to keep in the bedroom, it has a calming effect, it helps with insomnia, stress.Ficus and pestrolistaya dieffenbachia cleaned of toxins living room overlooking the freeway.

Cacti, especially with long needles, kill germs, protection against electromagnetic radiation.These flowers are better placed near a TV or computer monitor, they require heat and light.