How does the butterfly

How does the butterfly

or Lepidoptera Butterflies - a detachment of insects that undergo a complete transformation of the way.The most characteristic feature of, in which butterflies are distinguished from other insects - a large bright wings of butterflies have 2 pairs.Consider, what are the characteristics of these amazing insects.

How are different species of butterflies

butterfly body consists of a head, thorax and abdomen.Head rounded insects on it are compound eyes, antennae and mouthparts that resembles the proboscis.For information on how and what to eat butterflies can be found in our article - The butterflies feed on.

Despite the fact that butterflies fairly typical morphological structure of the body, some subspecies of butterflies are very different in size and color of the wings.

Highlights feature butterflies

Consider look like butterflies, most common in the middle lane:

  • ordinary Urticaria - a daily kind of insect.The length of the front pair of wings 23-25 ​​mm.The edges of the wings jagged, there is no sexual dimorphism (females look like males).On the upper side of the wings or red brick, they are black spots, separated by intervals of yellowish.At the top of the front wing has a whitish spot.The outer edges are covered with patches of bluish, shaped like a crescent moon;
  • Swallowtail - day butterfly wing span of females - up to 95 mm, and males - from 63 to 81 mm.The wings are painted in bright yellow, fringed with black spots in a pattern.On the hind wings are outgrowths, called "tails", they also have brown spots on himself-eyes, surrounded by a bluish bloom;
  • Cabbage - the day a small insect, the main color of the wings - white or milk.The size of the wings of females and males about the same - from 49 to 63 mm.The wings are flat, the upper edge of the front of them are the black edging on the back - dark spots along the upper edge.The females are also at the center of the front wings have a black guy points;
  • Peacock eye - a medium-sized butterfly, the upper edge of the wings has a basic red color.They have 4 blue-white spots ( "eye").The lower edge of the brown-black wings.Females are larger than males, a wingspan of up to 62 mm;
  • monarch butterfly - an insect rather large, wingspan - up to 10.2 cm distinctive feature - a network of black lines on an orange background of wings, on the edge of them have small whitish spots.;
  • Limonnitsa (GONEPTERYX RHAMNI) - small (up to 31 mm wingspan) butterfly.In appearance they resemble cabbage only bright lemon color.Females are white and green, in the middle of the wings are orange or red dots;
  • revelers - a family of nocturnal Lepidoptera, different in size (wingspan of 35 to 170 mm).Wings, both front and rear - oblong, often brown or gray.

For more information, such as the duration of the life of butterflies can be found by reading our article - How many live butterflies.