What is mitosis ?

What is mitosis ?

Before you understand what is and what mitosis is characterized by cell division, let's see what the cell as a whole.It is no secret that the cell is a living system and the fundamental component of any living organism.It also is a kind of unity, with which there is a transfer of genetic information.This cell division process makes it possible to grow and multiply throughout the body.

cell cycle of each cell is its ability to live and be shown the following steps can be distinguished: the division and interphase.

During interphase cells preparing to divide.At this time, the amplified exchange processes accumulate nutrients passes protein synthesis and RNA.During this period, the cell grows and increases in size, and in the middle of the process is marked doubling (replication) of DNA.And only after that the cell begins to prepare for the division: centrioles doubling notes and other organelles.

Mitosis and meiosis

After ending the preparatory phase of the cell division begins.Eukaryotic cells can divide several ways: from the somatic cells in this process is a mitosis and amitosis in sexual - meiosis.What is mitosis and meiosis, and we try to make out right now.

mitosis is considered to be an indirect cell division.In its process cells are formed having the same set of chromosome as the mother cell.Thus it performed properly and persistence of certain cell types in a series of subsequent generations.Mitosis, in turn, can be divided into the following phases:

  • prophase;
  • metaphase;
  • anaphase;
  • telophase.

During prophase, the cell's nuclear envelope disappears and begins helix of chromosomes, resulting in pressure spindle is formed.During metaphase chromosomes change their location, moving to the equatorial zone of the cell, and the thread of our pressure spindle attached to the chromosome centromeres.Anaphase is characterized by the consumption of chromatid chromosomes toward the poles divisible cells.In telophase is the division of the cytoplasm and organelles.During the unwind chromosomes and appear nucleus with the nucleolus.Under

meiosis it is meant the process by which the reproductive cells division occurs, resulting in the formation of gametes (germ cells) which comprise half the original chromosomes.Meiosis is characterized by the same stages as mitosis.Only during meiosis takes place two divisions, following one after the other, and as a result there are four rather than two cells.The objective is to ensure the constancy of the meiotic chromosomes during sexual reproduction, and the presence of different combinations of genes can increase the diversity of traits in organisms certain (single) type.

Now you can easily tell what is mitosis in biology, as well as what its importance in nature.