How animals prepare for winter ?

How animals prepare for winter ?

winter, when severe frosts come, all the animals are in a hurry to take refuge in the forest and stock up on food.Rare species of animals continue active existence in the cold season.For example, bears and all hiding in their dens.Most wild animals are hiding in burrows and emerge only to find food.In this article, we will tell you about how animals prepare for winter, and how different animals tolerate winter.


first animal that we describe this protein.Protein - a small forest dwellers that feed on plant foods and are not predators.Frosts proteins also can not tolerate and are forced to hide in the woods most of the winter.Forage for themselves protein begins well before winter.Generally, the protein throughout the year drags on tree branches acorns, nuts, mushrooms, cones.Then the protein dry food on high stumps or tree branches and eats.By winter, the protein can be stored as a large amount of food to be enough for the winter, when the plant foods virtually none.House for proteins in the winter becomes hollow.It equips the hollow bark, moss, feathers.It does everything to make it warmer.Fur squirrel warm enough, and in the hollow of it pretty easily tolerate winter.


How animals live in the winter, if they need to be in the water?More specifically, we are talking about the beavers.Beaver - a rodent with sharp teeth and waterproof fur.Such equipment they need to survive under water.Preparation for the winter Beaver begins long before its start.Build houses on the water level or slightly lower in the winter and do under the ice.There they were warmer.Dwellings built beaver is very strong, the wood pieces are linked by plants and river clay.Fodder for the winter beaver need enough because they do not hibernate, but only reduce their energy.


animal tracks, which we describe is the badger.Badger also does not tolerate cold and needs a home for the winter.In winter, the badger lives in a hole that does fall.Inside, he settles all dry grass, leaves, moss, that was warmly as possible.Badger feed is stored as the start of autumn.Feed for badgers are the roots of plants, seeds, acorns, fruits of different plants.It should be noted that the badger, in our forests has become a very rare animal.If you see somewhere mink badger, do not touch, and do not hinder them to exist.

Animals such as the inhabitants of the planet, as well as people.About how animals hibernate in winter, people need to know in order to comply with the rules of their existence, to know where and in what way they tolerate the winter, the first thing that they do not interfere.


Now we move on to the beasts of prey.Such as the fox and the wolf.The fox also lives in a hole, not only in winter, but all year round.Builds hole usually on a hill or the edge of the forest in order to be able to survey the entire forest.After all, in her hunt animals such as wolves and wild boars.So the fox before you get in the hole, carefully trace confusing for a long time wandering in the woods.As for the wolf, the special conditions for the winter it is not necessary.This predator runs perfectly on snow and hunt in the cold season.Wolf - a dangerous and cunning beast.Among the snowy woods to live it is not easy, but possible.Often they go on the road and the side road, just to ease the pace.In winter, the wolves gather in the article to make it easier to catch prey.A pack of wolves in a short time can catch and share wild boar and wolf alone is almost beyond the power.


last wild animal, which we describe - bear.Earlier we described the life of the animals in the winter with colorful paints, then the bear, as we know, no frills do not have to speak.In the autumn, with the onset of cold weather, the bear is looking for a quiet place in a crevice in the rock, a hole in a hill or a tree, and reworks it under your house.Properly equips with moss, leaves, strongly warms.

all known since childhood, the bear hibernates in winter.A few weeks before hibernating bear is actively stored fat.Eats nuts, fish, and plants.Contrary to popular belief, the bear does not sleep, and sleep.If necessary, it can easily get out of the den.In case of severe cold bear soundly asleep, but can wake up for a few days and go for the food, in the case of a thaw.Also dispel the myth that bears suck paw.They just lick exfoliate the skin.

I hope that our article will like you, and it was interesting to learn about some of the inhabitants of the forest, namely, how they transfer winter.Therefore, spending time in the woods in the winter, do not disturb the animals.