How dinosaurs called?

How dinosaurs called?

As you know, people in the world there is a very short period of time compared to the history of the planet.The previous dominant form of life the dinosaurs were on the planet - giant lizards, whose variety is amazing.Their bones are still found all over the world.Until the nineteenth century, the remains of the bones identified as the biblical Nephilim, perished in the Flood, and only in 1824 by William Buckland suggested that the skeletons found belong to an extinct prehistoric animals.From that moment on, and subsequently all the finds belong to dinosaurs, rejecting the version with the giants.At the end of 2008 there were 1047 known species of dinosaurs, each of which is unique and clearly has its own unique name.As

born dinosaur names

mechanism of formation of the "name" of a dinosaur is quite interesting.To accurately determine in it and used the family name and the name of the species, which belongs to the lizard.As in many other scientific fields, used Latin and Greek in the title.How dinosaurs called depends on the discoverer of a particular type, the names often flashed geographical names, names of scientists, and even the names of their pets.Such semantic experiments do untranslatable names of species, so they are used in the original language.However, when scientists get bored to come up and tell the world the original version, the name of the dinosaurs, ancient reptiles acquire quite digestible names such as Tyrannosaurus (lizard-tyrant) and Archaeopteryx (ancient pen)


dinosaurs Despite the fact that the word"dinosaur" is associated with a giant animal species existed, whose representatives were not larger than modern cats.But to eat the leaves of high trees, or especially to eat their smaller cousins, some lizards had to grow up.So there were large and giant birds.Of course, having the skeleton alone, it is difficult to assume the necessary accuracy, it looks like a dinosaur.This helps scientists comparing skeletons with skeletons of modern animals.The characteristic structure of the paw joints can understand dinosaur running or crawling, or perhaps feet used them for grasping improvised items and food.On this and many other knowledgeable people featured long and hard to restore the full picture, and get an accurate model of the dinosaur.In particular, it appears, than the lizard ate, where the slots as provide food, like fighting off predators.The course of evolution obeys the logic of the body and if present, is optimally adapted to deal with all these problems, the result is, at least, is not far from the truth.A skin prints, pieces of eggs and stomach contents lizard only help in building the model.It is through such discoveries of archaeologists and modern computer technology miracle, now we can see in the pictures, and even in the BBC science films bright and as close to the reality of the dinosaurs images.