What documents are needed for the SP ?

What documents are needed for the SP ?

you must register it to a legitimate business.This can be done as a PI or by another form of activity.Register SP is carried out with the tax authority at the place of residence and business individual.To register, you must provide a set of documents.This kit can be provided in person or sent by registered mail.You can also use the services of a mediator, representing the interests of carrying out registration.What documents are needed for the SP?


  1. passport (presented personally when they apply).
  2. copy of the passport (with the surrender documents set).
  3. certificate of registration of the taxpayer (INN) and its copy.
  4. completed application for registration as an entrepreneur.
  5. Receipt of payment of state duty for registration (800 rubles).
  6. Statement on the transition to the simplified tax system (if you plan to use the simplified tax system).

statement can be filled by hand on forms special form or use special programs that exist on the Internet and the tax office.Such programs can reduce a lot of time and avoid errors when filling out various applications.The statement must specify the types of activities to be addressed by the entrepreneur, according to the classifier.

Registration is carried out within a week, but not more than one month from the date of receipt of the documents and receipts of the adopted documents.After getting your hands on a certificate of registration must be within five days to register with the local office of the Pension Fund.For delay imposed penalty.

What documents need SP: open a bank account

  1. Certificate SP.
  2. passport and its copy.
  3. Application for opening a bank account.

Once opened a bank account should report within the prescribed period (5 days) to the tax office, which is registered as the SP and the local pension fund.For failure to provide such information, or for violation of terms of providing information about opening a bank account shall be fined.When you close a bank account or change it, and when you open a second account, you must also inform the local tax and the pension fund.

also need to register with the Social Security Fund (not required if they do not engage employees on a contract basis or on a regular basis, that is, an entrepreneur working alone).

additional documents may be required to conduct certain types of business.This is due to licensing activities, when it is necessary to obtain special licenses allowing conducting such activities.