How to call the traffic police in case of accident ?

How to call the traffic police in case of accident ?

Each driver sincerely hopes that he does not need the help of employees of GAI, and with all my heart wants to never get into an accident.But as often happens, the desired is not always coincide with reality, and in this case, no harm will know how to call the traffic police in case of accident.

To call emergency services, you can use a pay phone or mobile phone.Because in our time a cell phone is almost everyone, the need for services, payphones gradually eroding.But now, you can still, in the pay phone by dialing the toll free number 02, to call traffic police on the scene.More illuminates the subject of our article How to call the traffic police (GAI).

How to call traffic police officers with mobile

On the scene of an accident traffic policemen can call using a mobile phone with a SIM card of any operator.Subscribers company "Megafon", "MTS" and "Tele 2" must dial 020 on their devices and click "send call".The subscribers of "Beeline" mobile operator offers to dial the police on the number 002. Users utilizing the services of a company such as SkyLink, calling in the police to phone number 902.

In case the SIM card, for whatever reasons, is not available to makecall emergency services may be on the MOE-free number - 112. This number is available to absolutely anyone, no matter what mobile operator he uses the services.Even if the SIM card has been blocked because of the debt, or simply out of order, the mobile phone will still make a dial-up to this number.

only obstacle to call traffic police on the scene of an accident can be a complete lack of cellular communication on a particular stretch of road.In this area, as a rule, there is no network signal and you can not make a call or use the Internet.If this happens, you do not need to panic - exit will appeal to drivers passing by with a request to call the traffic police at the exit from the "dead spots".

Useful tips

Every car owner would be nice to have in his notebook numbers landline phones all the district traffic police departments.This will reduce the waiting period for the arrival of personnel at the scene.Dial a number in this case, through the "8", not forgetting the area code.Going on a trip, you can take care of the necessary contacts, which significantly saves time in an emergency.

also not be more than the introduction to their record number of the insurance company, Room Service, responsible for the evacuation of the vehicle from the accident scene, the medical service phones offering a medical examination, the internal contacts of the police station, leading the fight against the illegal actions of their colleagues.In addition, each driver must know how to call an ambulance to the scene.More information on this subject can be found in the articles of our website:

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