How to disable MegaFon - Modem ?

How to disable MegaFon - Modem ?

To access the Internet, many use the "Megaphone" modem, since it is very mobile, and the proposed rates are optimal.His connection with the computer via USB-port, after which there is a connection to the network and the user is free to visit any sites.However, sometimes it becomes necessary to disconnect the modem "MegaFon".This can be done by several methods.

modem Disconnecting Megaphone

If you need to disable the modem "MegaFon" on your computer, you can do so as follows:

  1. At the bottom of the desktop get "Megaphone" Modem icon and click the right mouse button.
  2. system displays "Eject" message, you will need to click on it.
  3. After this pop-up window will appear with the following content: "Equipment can be recovered."This means that you can remove the modem "Megaphone" of the USB-ports on your computer.

If you need to disable the Internet connection, you will need to take this instruction:

  1. Unplug the modem from the computer through the above described method, and then pull out the SIM-card.This will require a small push cover located on the opposite end of the USB-connector.
  2. Find documents that were attached to the SIM-card, and then put it in the phone and enter the PIN and PUK codes.
  3. from a mobile device, type the following command: * 105 * 00 # and press the call button.
  4. on the phone screen will display the message: "Servis-Gid 1 - Ustanovit` / razblokirovat` parol`, Respond?"You will need to click on "OK", then dial the number 1, and again click on "OK".After that, your phone will receive the password.
  5. Now go to the website of "MegaFonĀ» -, and then click on "Login to your account" on the main page and enter the password that was sent to you on the phone, as the login, specify the SIM-card number, then click on the "Enter" button.
  6. you will find yourself in a private office.Pay attention to the left side of the page - there will be a section called "Fees and Services", click on it and from the drop-down menu, select "Block number" line.
  7. Now specify the date from which you want to give up the Internet, and then click on the "Install" option.In this procedure is complete.

Note that disabling of Internet connections by this method will be valid for 180 days.If necessary, you can extend the period, used his personal account on the official website of the company "Megaphone".There you can always reconnect the Internet.

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