How to disable a subscription to MegaFon ?

How to disable a subscription to MegaFon ?

Many mobile operators offer subscribers a paid subscription to newsletters, and MegaFon - is no exception.For a small daily fee, users can subscribe to news, sports humor and distribution, collection of entertaining videos and more.

cost of such subscriptions varies from 1 to 10 rubles, and finished packages enable you to subscribe to several newsletters with an appreciable saving.But sooner or later, any subscription can get bored, and besides, there are situations when the user subscribes to the newsletter by mistake.As in this case, disable subscription to MegaFon?

disable paid subscriptions through

site refuse unwanted subscriptions in several ways.The easiest way to do this is through website Mobile subscription.To do this, sign in by entering your phone number in the format + 7hhhhhhhhhh.If you have not already logged in, go to the start of the authorization procedure by entering your phone number and the security code from the image on the site.In response you will receive SMS with a verification code, which you need to enter in the appropriate field.Then you can go to "My Account" section and there click "Unsubscribe" to disable paid subscriptions on MegaFon, which are no longer needed.

disable paid subscriptions to phone

directly from your phone to disable the subscription MegaFon can use SMS-messages to the number 5051 or 5052. The message should contain any of the following commands:

  • Stop twentieth

  • No XX XX
  • OTP
  • Unsubscribe twentieth
  • No XX
  • Stop XX

Instead XX should specify the subscription number from which you want to give.View rooms on the official site.

also to disable paid subscriptions on MegaFon can be dialed in the phone * 505 * 0 * XX # and press the call button.XX, again, should be replaced with a subscription number.

Other ways to disable paid subscriptions

Another way to disable a subscription MegaFon - enter the WAP-interface "Mobile Subscription".In it, go to the item "My Subscriptions & gt;Variable subscription (parameters) & gt;Unsubscribe "and turn off unnecessary subscriptions.

last way to unsubscribe from subscriptions - to take advantage of Java-application "Subscriptions."In it, too, need to go to "My Subscriptions section & gt;Variable subscription (parameters) & gt;Unsubscribe "and unsubscribe from unwanted mailings.