How to disable services on the megaphone ?

How to disable services on the megaphone ?

Often there is a need to disconnect the paid services of mobile operators, as eliminating the need to use the service.

How to disable services on the megaphone: fast and easy

  1. subscriber can deactivate the service pay a call to help the company by number 0500 or when you visit the office of the operator with the identity documents of owner.
  2. System Self Service Guide will disable paid services on their own.There are several ways to service management:
  3. To log in, you need to order a password combination * 105 * 00 # call key.

  • to manage the system, send a request to the number * 105 # and follow the instructions on the phone display.For service management to navigate the service menu.Download the application "Service Guide" with the company Megafon site that allows you to quickly, without leaving your home, use convenient and easy application of the company Megafon for mobile phones and smartphones.Application install on your phone, and get the necessary instructions on how to disable MegaFon paid services or to connect some of them.
  • Install a widget (a small information mini-application) Service Guide for Google and Yandex.After logging in the system, select the Services menu, then set of additional services.You will be shown all connected you paid options.One by one, choosing services, you can always desired to control how to disable services on a megaphone or connect them.
  • via sent to you via sms username and password login to the service guide menu (private office) at the bottom of the page is a list of services by selecting the change range of services, turn off unneeded services connected.

Most subscribers are faced with activated "Change your dial tone".To get information on the megaphone as deactivate the service dial tone, dial * 165 * 2 # and press the call button.

up to the number 0550, and following the instructions of the answering machine, you can disable this service.

manage the service and set the tone for tone, you can on the website, where you can also register and disable the service.

The company has yet another service "Kaleidoscope" containing also whistle.To disable this service, you must go to MegaFonPro.Usluga turned off in the settings, you need to select and install the broadcasting - Off.