How to connect your " radar " ?

Как подключить "радар"?

mobile operator MegaFon offers its customers a service connection "radar".This option allows you to track the location of interest to subscribers.Ease of service is that you do not need to install additional applications on the phone the person whose location you would like to know.In this article we'll show you how to connect the "Radar".

important to know that before connecting this service, you need to get permission to search (from a relative, friend, and so on. E., T. E. From the person for whom you would like to watch).However, enough to get such permission once.

How to activate the service "Radar"

This option has three varieties: "Radar Light," "Radar," "Radar Plus".

Radar Light

activating the "Radar Light", you can track only one subscriber number, and only once a day.

To activate the service, you need to dial * 566 symbols combination * 56 # and press "Call" button.This service is free of charge.


If you activate the service "Radar", you can keep track of five subscribers unlimited number of times per day.To connect the service you need to dial * 566 # and press the "Call" button.

cost of connection is three rubles a day.

Radar Plus

When connecting services "Radar Plus" you will also be able to determine the location of the five numbers unlimited number of times per day.But in addition to this, you will be able to follow the route of travel, as well as receive information on the input and output of geographic areas.

To activate the service, you want to dial the command * 256 # and press the "Call" button.

cost of connectivity options is seven rubles a day or two hundred ten rubles a month.

If you want to locate loved ones as accurately as possible, then install on their phones Megafon mobile app tracker.This application captures all movements the cell phone.

If you are interested in the issues of connection / disconnection of certain services on the mobile operator MegaFon, or you want to know the answer to the burning question on tariffs or operations, please visit our section MegaFon.