How to connect unlimited internet on a megaphone ?

How to connect unlimited internet on a megaphone ?

In today's world it is difficult to imagine yourself without the Internet.And we use them not only for leisure, but also in the work and fellowship.Wherever we went, it would be desirable that the network was on hand to find the right information, to contact with a friend, send a file, you name it!To do this, and created the mobile Internet.But how to connect it?Today, our article is specifically for those whose operator Megafon.

Of course, you need unlimited internet.So, you have chosen as the mobile operator Megafon.Let's see how to connect unlimited internet at MegaFon.We have it only takes 2 minutes.


Do you have a phone, Megafon - connect unlimited internet is not a problem!

  1. Visit the official site of Megafon.
  2. Select the region where you live.
  3. Click on the "Internet".
  4. Select "Mobile".
  5. Now click on the inscription on the right side of the "Mobile Internet to your computer."
  6. Find unlimited Internet options look (options): Internet S, Internet M, L and Internet Internet XL.They are written in a row.These options are designed to connect to the sim card Megaphone for the Internet and for normal SIM cards, through which you can make calls.
  7. Selecting the connection options guided by the desired subscription fee, the amount of traffic to the speed limit and the maximum data rate.For example, you connect the "Internet M", then a month will pay him 399 rubles.(For Megafon every month - 30 days), be able to download up to 5 GB with a speed of 1 Mbit / s.(No speed limits at night).And more than 5 GB - already at a rate of 64 kbit / s.
  8. Make sure that your account has the required amount (for the first month of subscription).Of course the connection is free.
  9. can then use one of three connectivity options:
    • click "Connect online" in the column under the chosen option;
    • or dial with SIM cards, which are going to connect unlimited Internet, the sequence * 236 * 1 call for "Internet S», * 236 * 2 call for "Internet M», * 236 * 3 call for "Internet L»,* 236 * 11 call for "Internet XL».
    • or send a blank SMS to 05009121 for the "Internet S», 05,009,122 for "Internet M», 05,009,123 for "Internet L», 050,091,211 for the "Internet XL».

Now you can own unlimited internet connect to MegaFon, without leaving home.