How to connect the unlimited tariff ?

How to connect the unlimited tariff ?

If you have a lot of talk on the phone, use the Internet, you are sending sms, the ideal solution to save money, become unlimited package.Now, almost every operator has such tariff plans.You can immediately purchase the starter pack with a proposal of interest to you, or go to the current tariff for unlimited.How to connect the unlimited tariff "Megafon" operator, you will learn from this article.

Package Selection

operator "MegaFon" is service packages to suit all tastes.Monthly fee for unlimited use of the package ranges from 199 to 2500 rubles per month.The difference in price is due to its content.A total of "Megaphone" lineup are 5 tariff plans.In the budget of which is allocated to you in the month of 300 minutes on the numbers of "Megaphone" throughout the country, and 0.5 GB Internet.With the most expensive package you already get 5000 minutes for all rooms Russia, 5000 SMS and 15 GB of internet per month.

more detail to the cost and conditions of tariff plans, the operator can be found on their official website

If you are a subscriber of "Megaphone", you can move to the desired package by typing the corresponding USSD-command.Its code, you can find by clicking on the same link.Click on the "Details" next to the package, and liked by all the text find the button "Go to the fare."By clicking it, you'll get a phone number for service activation.«XS» You can not get the NL thus only in the package.It can only be bought.

buy a sim card you can on the same site or through the store, which is represented by the operator.Do not forget to have a passport for its purchase.

We hope that the above information was useful, and because of it you have to be able to save the money to spend on more interesting things.

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