How to disable the tariff for MTS ?

How to disable the tariff for MTS ?

rate that you used to be hooked on your mobile phone, with the passage of time becomes obsolete (about six months), there are more cost-effective and best offers from the operator, and you there is a need to change the tariff plan.

MTS offers a wide range of tariffs and services and constantly updates the tariff line, taking into account the desires and capabilities of their clients.More specifically, how to change your tariff for MTS via the Internet or by telephone, you will learn from our article How to change the tariff for MTS.

also add that very often cellular subscribers are not aware of how their fixed rate plan number.The answer to this question can be found in our article What is the fare from me.

In this article, we will describe the most common ways to change the tariffs for MTS (or "off" rates):

General methods

through Terminal

Customers can change the tariff plan through a payment terminal, you just connect this service via smsmessages: text messages - "2163" to "111" number.The client will receive a reply SMS with a password, or send an empty SMS message to the number "6262", or necessary in the terminal select "Get password" in the Services tab.

Next to change the tariff, the customer will only need to go through the payment terminal in the "My Account" and using the suggested menu items to choose the appropriate rate him.Through


This method is already considered obsolete, as all operations with the rates easier to carry out, through certain actions or algorithms using the instructions on the Internet on the website of MTS.You can make a free call to short reference number MTS hotline - 0890, where you will be connected with the operator.

Through personal cabinet

Change tariff plan through a mobile service MTS - the most convenient way to work with a service plan.In each MTS subscriber phone operation menu should be an application such as Dashboard.It is necessary to open it, go to the menu "Internet Assistant", select the tab of tariffs and services and, finally, the "Tariff Plan".A list of available rates with a brief description, among which you can choose the suitable for you, depending on your wishes.Further, in three steps, you can switch from one tariff plan to another.

A team USSD

on your mobile device dials * 111 # and press the call button.This opens a new menu with "Rates" tab, select it and press the answer button.Further, navigating through the menus, find out information on tariffs and make a decision - we connect the appropriate tariff.

following are examples of change or deactivate the tariff plans of MTS specific examples:

How to disable tariff "smart" MTS

This rate is, in principle, any other tariff plans of MTS, you can disconnect or connect via the official website of MTSby going to the menu of tariffs, where by pressing the connect-disconnect, you will see a specific command, any digits you must enter for fixing the tariff in your mobile device

Link to the example smart fare.

How to disable tariff "everywhere at home"

Disabling this service is done sending a free SMS to the number 111, text messages - "33330".Or, turn with a combination of * 111 * 3333 # and the call button.

How to disable tariff "bits" from MTS

This service can be disabled either by contacting MTS nearest office where counselors or office staff will help you solve this issue or make removal services manually dial * 111 * 252 * 2 # and pressor call * 252 * 0 # and a call button.

How to disable the tariff "Super Internet" from MTS

Dial * 111 * 162 # and the call button or SMS text to the number 1620 111 (free).