How to call for free from computer?

How to call for free from computer?

To Meet now do not even need the presence of the phone.Internet allows you to exchange messages, talk and even see each other at a distance.This is especially true for overseas calls when operators fares quite expensive.Methods, how to call for free from computer fairly simple and often free of charge.


special program that allows you to not only talk but also see each other.To use it, you need a computer, internet connection, a microphone and speakers (headphones).To see each other, we need to be more, and a webcam.

Make Free Calls to Skype only between Skype users.That is, to have a conversation with your companion must also be installed on a computer, Skype.

But now there is a new opportunity, which, however, is small money.Paying a Skype, you can call both mobile and landline phones.

But as Skype - a foreign company, then pay her services in Russia is quite problematic.This can be done either with a large commission in the bank or by credit card, which is also not cheap.

Internet services

On the Internet there are many sites that offer the opportunity, how to call through your computer for free.But many of them - the fraudsters, so be very careful and accurate.

on this website are given the opportunity to test the call for free before you begin to use the service for a fee.This, for example, TimePhone, SIPNET, «OSS", "Zebra Telecom", "Telphin" and "Rinotel".

To make a call, it is usually necessary to establish a special e-mail phone.Each company has his own, of him will tell you in detail during the registration.

Next you will need to pay a small monthly subscription fee.But you can use all sorts of bonuses or game (on "Telphin"), for which you will be given the means.Therefore, calls using this service will be completely free.

Inside the network, you can call free of charge, no matter how much money you have in the account.

Beware scammers

You can also try to find their own operator using IPTop site.Net.There you can specify the city from which the calls will be made, as well as a telephone operator to whom you want to call.But even there, plenty of scams and just intermediaries, so try to use the services of those services, which we have named above.

The saddest thing is that the check is real or not an operator is virtually impossible.