How to connect SMS MegaFon ?

How to connect SMS MegaFon ?

If you love to express their thoughts in writing or simply prefer not to call and write an SMS-message.Using the "Megafon" mobile network, you can connect additional messages «SMS-Megaphone" packages for comfortable use.

Forms packages

Before connecting sms megaphone, you first need to select the type of package: for single use or periodic.

If your choice is stopped on a one-off package, then enough to remember that you can send a pre-selected number of messages to subscribers of "Megaphone" and other mobile operators have already fixed advance rate.The service is paid once a month, the price depends on the number of selected SMS.

There are three types of SMS-packages:

  • «SMS S» - a package of 100 posts, which cost only 75 rubles.To order and activate this service, you simply dial a short combination of mobile * 572 * 1 # and call.
  • «SMS M» makes it possible to send 300 messages for 150 rubles per month.If you often use SMS, then this package is for you.To connect it, dial * 572 * 2 # and press call.
  • «SMS L» - a package for the most active, which allows the use of 600 messages per month for only 240 rubles.Use the most favorable offer.

When you connect one of the above packages usage fee is charged once and then automatically at the end of the month.Messages that you have not used, do not carry over: they canceled after that date.Sending these messages is only valid in your home region.

  • It is possible to connect the service «SMS XL» - daily offer.You pay only for day use, and the remaining posts at the end of the day also canceled.

connectivity immediately of any two the SMS-offers available.To deactivate the service, dial * 572 * 0 # and call key.

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