How to disable the MTS services ?

How to disable the MTS services ?

You need to know that for paid information and entertainment services to operate your phone number?You do not know MTS to disable paid services?

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services you can get for free on your phone data on the included paid services MTS how to turn off Internet service, and other paid subscription information.

For all this, you need to make an inquiry about such type, dial from your phone * 152 * 2♯VYZOV, and so, click on the service "Your paid services."

you to choose: pay infotainment subscriptions, and remove them.

In reverse the SMS-message will be written the names of the properties that are connected to this issue, and monthly regular payments on them.

How exactly disable paid services MTS

  • can learn with the help of Internet-assistant on the official website of MTS, as a service to disable the Internet from your computer.Go to ihelper and so, click the "Your Personal Area" in the upper left corner of the page.In the "Login" write your phone number without a prefix, well, in the "Password" - taken, advance password.To assign a password needed klatsnut on "Get password" and wait until the received SMS.After that, you can see in your account at MTS how to disable a service bits and other paid subscription.
  • Next, how to turn off SMS service MTS calls to premium numbers short, you are connecting a free "content prohibition."To enable or disable services make a call to the contact center.
  • Get information about the list of subscriptions to which you have access, and to give them up, you can use the service "control costs" for this dial * 105 * 801♯VYZOV.Next, use step 2 for MTS to disable the weather service and other subscription.
  • View included lack of subscriptions using the "My Subscriptions" service in the "My Account".If there are available on the MTS how to disable a service weather: need 2 times klatsnut-click the mark "Disable the service".This action turns off the weather forecast.
  • SMS and USSD-command.In order to view that pay for the services included in your number, use USSD-command * 152 * 2♯.Turn off the paid services as possible, even with the help of USSD-commands and SMS.

3 methods for MTS how to disable a service bit

  • Dial brief command 111 995.
  • Forward to number 111 SMS with text: 9950 - to turn off.
  • With the "Internet Assistant" services.

To turn off GPRS

At MTS, how to turn off Internet service - dial on your phone: * 111 * 17♯ - disable it, but if you want to include - * 111 * 18♯.Connection / disconnection free and the time in the area of ​​a couple of hours.

With SMS, too, it is possible to turn off the service "Weather forecast".In the short number 441, you can send an SMS with the number "2" (without the quotes).

Also, it is possible for MTS to disable the weather service during the call to the operator of the company.Using communication service support, or through a call to the short number 0890, to talk to the center of the master who, after a phone call with a request to turn off the service "Weather forecast", turn it off with the room.

«Weather" can be disabled via telephone.To do this, you need to send a request to the operator of the company * 111 * 4751♯.After a brief time on the phone subscriber can forward a message to turn off the service.

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