How to connect Internet S?

How to connect Internet S?

now smartphone - it's much more than a mobile phone.It may be an organizer, a personal trainer, an alarm clock and, of course, the exit way to the Internet.

If you are a subscriber of "Megaphone" and not actively use the network, the service "Internet the S" is for you.What's she like, how to use it, you will learn from the materials of the article.

Service Features

«Internet S» is designed for users who need to use the Internet do not go beyond checking e-mail, social networking, use the search engine to view the text material.For only 299 rubles you get 5 GB of Internet for one month with unlimited maximum speed.If you go beyond the offered traffic, the speed will be limited (up to 64 kbit / s).you can use the "Prolong speed" service to remove the restrictions.For 90 rubles, you get an additional 1 GB of traffic.

Connection services

If you want to connect the "Internet S», send the request to * 236 * 2 #.You can also send an SMS message with any content (except 00) to the number 05009122. A more sophisticated version - is to use the functions of "My Account".To use them, you need to register on the official website

If you are afraid to get lost in the connection procedure, type the reference and information service 0500. Experts call center will help to orient in all matters.You can also visit the nearby Salon "MegaFon", where qualified consultants will be happy to help you in any matter.

worth noting that connect this service is completely free.

Disabling services

Disable "Internet S» is as simple as disabling it.Send a message to the number 00 05009122 or dial a short command * 236 * 00 #.You can also request to cease operation services to support operators (0500) or the nearest store communication.

Service Features

Among the main features of release:

  • service operates in the "home region" (details on the official website);
  • withdrawals for the month takes place on the date of the connection;
  • unencumbered traffic is not transferred to the next month;
  • option can be connected to all tariff plans except the "Unlimited Internet" and "Unlimited Internet modem."Learn more about these services, see the article How to connect unlimited Internet at MegaFon.

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