How to call on a home phone ?

How to call on a home phone ?

In modern reality communication on mobile phone and using instant messengers programs often replaces the calls to your home phone.However, it is sometimes necessary to call it on the device installed in the apartment or house.You can do this in several ways.

Communication via home phone

How to call on the home phone of their city

To call from a stationary phone to another within the same city or region, only need to know the number to call.

a call from a home phone:

  1. Pick up the phone.The tube should be heard long hooters.
  2. Dial using the keyboard sequentially all digits.
  3. Wait for an answer on the other end.

If the handset you hear busy tone, then the called party is busy.Please try again later.

How to call outside their locality

to call another city within the same country, in addition to subscriber numbers need to know the code of the called city.The sequence of the set of numbers is as follows: Press "8", then the area code and then the phone number.

If you call in another country, and also require its international code.Thus, the keyboard apparatus will need to dial the access code - "810", the country code, area code, phone number.

Below are some codes of the world:

  • Russia, Kazakhstan - 7.
  • Ukraine - 380.
  • Belarus - 375.
  • China - 86.
  • Turkey - 90.
  • US - 1.
  • Germany - 49.
  • Georgia - 995.

information about other countries can be obtained from a telephone operator.

Communication via post offices

Now, most post offices equipped with special devices - payphones.Their main difference from a fixed phone is available to receive a special payment card compartment.The latter can be obtained from post offices and employees at other points of sale.

Insert your payment card in the slot and wait for specific long beeps in the handset, use the payphone as conventional home telephone.In large cities, pay phones are also installed on the busy streets, near major shopping malls, and so on. D.

With the help of mobile phone

Call with "cell" phone at home in their own country may be using a combination of 8 (or 7) +city ​​code + subscriber code.Calls from a mobile outside the host country made similar calls from a fixed line to another state, ie: the access code "810" + country code & amp;+ Area code + phone number.

With the program Skype

To make a call to the home phone through Skype, you need to the program window click on the "Calls to the phone", then dial the pop-up dialer area code and local phone number (if you call abroad, specifyand country code), then press the call button.

Note calls through Skype are paid, so you need to make the necessary amount for the program account.