How to connect to the Internet MegaFon ?

How to connect to the Internet MegaFon ?

Internet availability in the phone can greatly facilitate your life.Communication via social networks tend to be cheaper than sending SMS, and if you need to quickly find out some information, just go to the site of any search engine.In this article we will talk about how to connect to the Internet "Megaphone" in different ways.

Contact Center

most obvious and simple way to connect - a call to the operator.To do this, type 0500, and press the call key.Next, follow the prompts of the voice menu, you will simply need to set up the Internet in your phone.

You can also use the direct numbers for unlimited Internet connection in your phone (0500325) or the Internet to your phone (0500716).


Another way to connect - is sending an empty SMS-message.The number will depend on what kind of services you are interested in:

  • to connect unlimited internet on your phone, send an SMS to number 000105325.
  • to connect the Internet to your phone, send an SMS to number 000105970.
  • to connect the Internet to send the phone in RussiasMS to the number 000105615.

In response you come automatic phone settings and further instructions.


The quickest way how to connect to the Internet on the phone, "Megaphone" - this USSD-command.After earning a certain key combination, you can activate one or another tariff, service or operation.

In order to connect to the Internet with the help of USSD-command, type the following key combination:

  • Unlimited Internet on your phone - * 105 * 325 # and a call key.
  • Internet on your smartphone - * 105 * 97 # and call key.
  • Internet via mobile phone in Russia - * 105 * 615 # and a call key.

line connection

If you want to learn how to connect mobile Internet "Megaphone" by the computer and the Internet, it is necessary to go to the page of the official website, specifically devoted to this:

Salon communication "Megaphone┬╗

For the connection, you can also contact the "Megaphone" Salon in your city.Staff at the salon happy to help you set up the Internet on your phone, so you always stay in touch.

Online phone

Following the link with your mobile phone or any other device you want to connect to the Internet, you can also activate the service.Type in the address bar of the browser data on coordinates and follow the instructions.Important: The phone sure that the SIM-card must be used on which you want to connect the access into the global network.

service guide

The company "Megaphone" there is a very convenient system of "Service Guide┬╗ (www. Sibsg. Megafon. Ru).Using accurate and concise instructions, you will easily get the opportunity to connect to the net.

Manual Settings

If none of the ways you have not approached the above, try using manual settings.For this site, see find your phone model and select the set parameters in the relevant section of the phone configuration.