How do you know my number megaphone ?

How do you know my number megaphone ?

It often happens that when you buy a new SIM card, the user does not have time to learn a new phone number, but it is necessary to give to their friends, to friends, to indicate in any documentation, and so on. D. However, there are severalways to quickly find it.Today we consider the options for the subscribers of "Megaphone".

How do I know your phone number to the "MegaFon"

A phone call or

easiest way - a call to the number to your friend.Your number will be displayed on the screen of his phone.Also, the phone stores the information about the used SIM card.You can search the data, "My phone number" in your phone.

Via USSD-command

their commands to each region.Here are some of them:

  • Northwest branch: * 127 # call button;
  • Moscow, Volga branch, Ural Branch: * 205 # call button;
  • Central Branch: * 105 * 2 * 0 # call button;
  • Siberian branch: * 105 * 1 * 6 # call button;
  • Caucasus branch: * 105 * 1 * 2 # call button;
  • Far East Branch: * 205 # call key.

Clarify the command you want, you can on the website of "Megaphone" of the region.

A universal USSD-code

Check your room by sending request * 105 # call key., Point to the following items before your menu "My Account" (Cl 1.) - "Next" (Cl 0.) - "My Room" (Cl 7.).Then the number of your SIM card will appear on the phone screen.

This service is free and is available in all regions where the "Megaphone".

Through the service "Service Guide"

To use this service, you need to enter in the "My Account" on the website of the operator "MegaFon" in your region (please visit megafon. Ru).Upon entering you will see your phone number in the upper left corner, and the name used by the tariff and the amount of money in the account.

After the operator "MegaFon"

can reach the operator by number 0500 and to clarify his own SIM card number.You may be asked to give some information about the card owner: passport details, home address, the code word.

If you are using a SIM card "Megaphone" for the USB-modem or tablet, you find your room you can megafon on the official will be redirected to the site of their region.At the top you will see your phone number, and account balance.If the numbers you do not see, then go to "My Account".

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