How to connect to the MTS 3G ?

How to connect to the MTS 3G ?

In the age of Internet users of mobile phones, tablets and laptops are always looking for faster internet.Previous generations of communication obsolete and new ones appear.Today widely used 3G and 4G internet.However, 3G Internet use more often because of 4G technology is not sufficiently widespread.Many people do not understand how to connect 3G, for example, the MTS mobile operator.

Consider this question in more detail.

3G connection on

MTS MTS Connect 3G Internet can be through a laptop, tablet or phone.To connect to a laptop, you must:

  1. Buy usb-modem Connect 3G from MTS.You can find it in the MTS salons.Today, most sell 4G modems that have the function of connecting to 3G where there is a fast 4G connection.
  2. Buy a SIM card with the initial tariff for Internet access.
  3. Insert the SIM card into the modem, and the modem in a laptop.
  4. modem itself will load on a laptop software and install it.

After installation, enter the pin code is sufficient, which is specified in the documentation sim card and you can use the Internet.

Connect 3G internet on a laptop and can be via mobile phone, which will work as a modem, but this approach is obsolete and the Internet speed will be low.

How to configure MTS 3G on your phone and tablet to connect

MTS 3G internet on your phone and tablet requires a SIM card with tariff MTS and money in the account.The personal account on the website of MTS, you can always change the rate on the internet that you will find more comfortable.

After that, your phone and the tablet must be connected to the internet from MTS without any problem.However, if this does not happen, you must configure the connection manually.To do this, go to the connection settings in your phone and enter the correct data:

  • access point (APN) -
  • Username - mts
  • password - mts

Then restart your phone to check your internet connection.If the Internet does not work, perhaps, the fact that your location is not due to this, there is no money in the account, or you do not set the tariff for the use of the Internet.

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