Megaphone : how to connect the XS?

Megaphone : how to connect the XS?

Options mobile Internet in recent years have become very popular, and this fact can be explained by two reasons.Firstly, the "smart" Soup became more accessible, and secondly, telecom operators have spent upgrading networks, and can now provide customers a fast and inexpensive Internet.Options Mobile Internet is usually offered in the form of traffic packets of various sizes, and the most popular are still mini-packages.One such package is the "Internet for XS" on the megaphone.This article will talk about the optional features, as well as how to connect it.

Terms and cost

options Option "Internet XS" - is a 70 MB traffic every day on unlimited speed for 7 rubles per day.Connected option is free.

worth noting that after the package 70 Mb network access is not terminated, but the access speed is reduced to 64 Kbits / sec.Thus, the "Internet XS" - is, in fact, unlimited Internet, but you have to understand that at a speed of 64 kbit / s, you can work only if you have very strong nerves.

Important!This option is valid only in the home area!The roaming charges for the use of the Internet is removed according to roaming rates of your tariff plan.

connection to connect "for XS Internet" option there are several ways:

  • sending USSD-command * 236 * 0 #;
  • call to the helpdesk on the number 0500;
  • connection with the "Personal Account";
  • visit the nearest salon operator.

To disable the option, you can also use all the above methods, however, USSD-command in this case is a - * 236 * 0 * 0 #.

Prolong speed

If your daily traffic exhausted, but you still need to access the network at a fast speed, you can connect a special option "Prolong speed".

option "Prolong speed" provides the subscriber with an additional 70 MB of traffic to unlimited speed.Connection options will cost 19 rubles.

profitable to?

mobile data traffic packages, specifically, cost-effective solution for those who use the Internet constantly.The cost of 1 Mb of Internet for the subscriber, who is not connected traffic package is 9 rubles.In the case of the package "Internet for XS" 1 MB of traffic costs 10 cents!So, the benefit is obvious.

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