How to connect unlimited calls ?

How to connect unlimited calls ?

"Unlimited calls" from MTS - is unlimited opportunity to communicate with subscribers of MTS within the home region.This option lets you save, but because for a long time in the list of the most popular options operator.This article features an option, its cost and how to connect the "Unlimited calls".

Terms and cost

option Client Connect "Unlimited calls" an opportunity to communicate with unlimited clients within the network within the home region.Connected option is free, the monthly fee is 10 rubles per day.

In the event that the option "Non-MTS" was previously activated by the customer, "free time" and "Unlimited calls *", they are automatically turned off when you connect this service.

If the subscriber is connected minute packages, calls for the option "Unlimited calls" will not spend a minute of these packages.

option can not be connected to the tariff plan "Super Zero", "A-Mobile", "Maxi One" and "Smart Top", as well as unlimited and corporate tariff offers, the terms of which already imply unlimited calls to MTS numbers.

Important!The action does not apply to service the option "Listen to voice mail", in addition, calls options are not taken into account in the accumulation of local minutes on "A lot of calls" tariffs, "A lot of calls +", "A lot of calls to all networks", "Free".


For connectivity options you can use one of the following methods:

  • sending USSD-command * 111 * 2120 #;
  • sending an SMS to number 111 with the text of 2120;
  • connection using the Internet Assistant - to activate a personal account in the "Internet Assistant" service, set the username your phone number and make a password by sending an SMS with the text 25probelXXXXXXX to number 111, where XXXXXXX - the desired password (password must contain atat least 6 and no more than 10 characters, and at least one number, uppercase and lowercase letters).
  • call to MTS support to the short number 0890 or call the "hot" line 8-800-250-0890;
  • visit the nearest office of the operator.

To disable the option, you can also use the above methods, however, the text SMS, sent to the number, in this case will be the - 212000. USSD-command does not change.

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