Megaphone : how to connect internet XS?

Megaphone : how to connect internet XS?

Options mobile Internet are becoming more popular, many users have appreciated the opportunity to learn the information you need, anywhere, anytime.Operators are now offering for mobile devices a lot of interesting internet packages, which vary by geography and providing a dedicated traffic volume.However, if you are only going to become a user of the mobile Internet, better to start with small things - in this article describe how to connect the Internet XS - the most "modest" traffic packet from the operator Megafon.

Terms option

"Internet XS" - is unlimited internet at unlimited speed in the range of 70 MB per day.When the time of use package Internet access is preserved, and no extra cost, but the access rate is reduced to 64 Kbit / sec.

If you wish to increase the speed of the subscriber may be connected "Prolong speed" option, and the client will be given an additional 70 MB of traffic to unlimited speed.The cost of a one-time connection options "Prolong speed" - 19 rubles.

Important!Unused traffic is not transferred to the next day!

option cost option "Internet for XS" connected free of charge and the monthly fee is 7 rubles per day, or about 200 rubles a month.In view of the fact that without additional options 1 MB of internet costs 9 rubles, the option is a more than reasonable.

How to connect?

Connect "Internet for XS", you can use:

  • USSD-command * 236 * 0 #;
  • personal account;
  • helpdesk megaphone, calling the number 0500;
  • visit the nearest store operator cabin.

To disable the option, you need to dial USSD-command * 236 * 0 * 0 #.

Management option

If you want to check the balance of the daily traffic, dial USSD-command * 925 #.

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