How to connect to MMS MTS ?

How to connect to MMS MTS ?

operator MTS mobile offers its subscribers the service "MMS" that allows you to send and receive multimedia messages.Its cost is reasonable, so many decide to connect the service.This can be done by several methods.

Call the call-center

Connect "MMC" will help support the operator MTS.To call round the clock call-center, you need to dial 0890 + 0. After an expert answer, ask to activate the service "MMS".He will send you all the settings, which will allow in the future to send and receive multimedia files.

Website MTS Connect service

"MMC" on the official website of the company MTS.To do this, go to this link: on the main page, select the "Private Clients" section.In it, go to the tab "Help with the service," and then select the first "Settings" and then "Phone Settings."Then you'll be taken to a page where need to fill the field with the phone number and the answer to the security question.When you complete this procedure, your phone will be sent to the settings for using the service "MMS".

SMS Center

Connect "MMC" on MTS can use the "SMS Center".To use it, you need to send mobile text message to the number 0876 1234. After that, you will reply SMS, which will be told that all the settings for sending and receiving MMS preserved, and you can send and receive multimedia files.


Another way to activate the service "MMS" - to use USSD-command.From your mobile, type query * 111 * 18 # and then press the "Call".

Office MTS

And the last option - an appeal to the mobile operator MTS office.You will need to find the nearest branch in your city, and then turn to free expert.He will set you to send and receive multimedia messages.But remember that you necessarily require a document identifying your personality, as the specialist must make sure that you are the owner of the hotel that connects to the service "MMS".

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