How to connect MTS Connect ?

How to connect MTS Connect ?

service "MTS Connect" today is very popular.With the help of her subscribers can at any time to go online.If you want to connect the "MTS Connect" you can use in several ways.

«Internet Assistant»

most often to connect the "MTS Connect" service subscribers using the "Internet Assistant".To use this service, please visit the official website of MTS - pass authorization, then go to the section "Activation of services", where required to find the "MTS Connect", then press the button next to it "Connect".Then you will be able to use this service.

Contacting office

activate the service "MTS Connect" can be turned into the office.Find the closest to your home or work is not difficult, as the official website of the operator submitted a complete list.Therefore, you will only go to this link, and then get acquainted with the location of the branches of MTS.Before going to the office, it is important to bring along any document proving your identity.In the office, go to the free and ask them to activate this service to you.

Additional information

to pay for the service "MTS Connect", you will need to take advantage of the cashier of the bank, terminal, payment card or ATM.Funding is carried out under the same conditions that are present when the payment of mobile services.

To accelerate the speed of the Internet by using the "MTS Connect", you will need to click the option "Turbo Button".It is available for every person in the company.However, there are just two kinds of "turbo button": the first provides a maximum speed, but payment for Internet takes place every minute, and the second provides high-mix, but the money written off spent megabytes.

To find a balance, "MTS Connect", will need to dial the device dialing * 100 # + "Call" or call 0890.

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