How to connect a zero without borders ?

How to connect a zero without borders ?

service "Zero without borders" is very popular among subscribers of MTS, as it allows you to receive free incoming calls in international roaming.Let us consider, by what methods it is possible to activate the service "Zero without borders."

Internet Assistant

Current option - use the online service "Internet Assistant" from MTS.It can be found on the official website of mobile operator you get authorization on the main page, you need to come up with a password to login.It should be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers (at least 6 characters).It needs to send an SMS to the number 111. Next on the home page of the service, enter your phone number and create a password, and then click on "Login".In the "Internet Assistant" main menu, choose the "International roaming", and then - "Service activation" 0 Without Borders. "


Connect service "Zero without borders", you can use your mobile phone, typing on it for this inquiry to the following: * 111 * 4444 # + "Call" button.The answer is you go USSD-notification, which will need to select the desired menu item.

SMS message

Connect to the service "without borders 0" you can by sending SMS-messages from your mobile.Enter 33 and send this message to the short number 111. After that, you automatically, this service will be activated mode.

short team

You can also connect the "Zero without borders" with a short command.Dial * 444 # and then press the "Call".You will be connected to this service immediately.

important to note that after connecting all incoming calls while roaming will be free for the first 10 minutes.Starting with the 11 minutes, the cost will be 5 rubles for every 60 seconds of conversation.In addition, provides for the subscription fee, it is 25 rubles per day.

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