How to connect an option on the MTS ?

How to connect an option on the MTS ?

modern mobile communication MTS is popular not only because it gives people the opportunity to contact each other at a large distance, but also the fact that in order to attract more users provides a variety of services.

However, as statistics show, not every user knows how to connect to the MTS option.

Search MTS or "the child under the supervision of"

  1. Connect this option by sending a text message to the number 7005 (tariff - 7 rubles).
  2. The message typed "Add" after it indicates to the mobile phone number that you want to monitor.
  3. Remember that you can gain both in Russian and Latin letters.
  4. After that, within a few minutes on the phone, which was indicated in the message, a notification will come to allow the implementation of this action.
  5. Then send with this mobile phone text message "Yes" and the phone number that will track the other party, to the number 7003 (cost - 1.50 rubles).

700 minutes

  1. To order the free 700 minutes of MTS, typed on the keyboard * 101 * 704 # and press call.
  2. It should be noted that the connection of this option is only 33 rubles.

«Everywhere at home" (Moscow and the Moscow region)

in this service include:

  • cost of outgoing calls in the Moscow region for 1 minute - 3 rubles.
  • Free incoming.
  • cost of outgoing long-distance - 3 rubles.1 min.

  1. Connection To connect this service dials * 111 * 3333 # and press "Call".
  2. or send text messages to the number 3333 111.
  3. worth noting that daily subscription fee is 5 rubles, and the connection -. 30 rubles.


Would you like to always be aware of who and when you called?Then this service - exactly what you need.

Connect it can be any of the offered methods:

  1. Recruit request * 111 * 38 # and press "Call".
  2. send a text message to the number 111 21141.


If you want to be original, then change the standard dial tone on your favorite tune or saying.

To enable this service, we collect 0550 and follow the instructions.

Service Cost: 1 melody - 50 rubles.

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