How to connect a roaming MTS ?

How to connect a roaming MTS ?

"International roaming" from MTS is gaining popularity as the subscribers of this mobile operator active travel to other countries.With its help, you can make calls from abroad on their mobile phone.Consider how to connect to the MTS roaming through various methods.


easiest option to connect roaming - is to use USSD-command.You'll need from your mobile such a request: * 111 * 2192 # + call button.After that the service will be activated for the provision of international roaming.

Internet Assistant

to its subscribers, MTS has provided a special online service called "Internet Assistant".To use it, you need to go to this link: you get to the login page where you need to enter your mobile number and password.Then it will go to the personal account, then select "Services" from the main menu and then "to connect international roaming."


customer service also for the connection of such a service, you can contact the nearest Center MTS Service.You will need to come to an available expert, to provide an identity card, phone number and ask to activate your roaming service.After a couple of minutes, he will be connected to your phone.

Please note that this service is not provided to each subscriber.So, to connect it is necessary that from the date of registration of the SIM-card MTS has passed at least 6 months.In addition, over 1 month the subscriber has to spend to pay for mobile phone services is not less than 650 rubles.

Easy roaming from MTS

The company MTS has provided to its customers the service "Easy Roaming".It provides for both outgoing and incoming calls and SMS, but to use the Internet and MMS roaming will not work.If you want to connect this service, you can use one of these methods:

  1. Enter from your mobile command like the following: * 111 * 2157 # + 'Call' button.
  2. Send a text message with the text phone 2157 to the number 111.
  3. use the service "Internet Assistant", where the "Services" section, select "Easy Roaming".

When the need for international roaming will disappear, you can disable this service.To do this you will help methods presented in the article How to disable roaming on the MTS.You also may be useful in the materials section of the MTS.