How to connect to the MTS tariff ?

How to connect to the MTS tariff ?

MTS, as well as any other major cellular company, has its own multi-site.MTS official portal allows you not only to choose the tariff, but also to connect it on their own, without leaving home.In this article, we shall understand the intricacies of the solution of these problems.

tariff Choice

The first thing we need to go to the official website of MTS -, select the tab "Mobile" and the "Prices and discounts".Here is a list of tariff plans operators with a brief description of the most advantageous features.Each proposal can be found in addition, by clicking on its name.

Of course, you can call the MTS Support Center under number 8800250 and get a 0890 from a consultant about any interest rate, but most people are still better perceive the information on the eye, not the ear.In addition, the consultant may "forget" to report some not too pleasant features of the tariff, and in self-study will not happen.

information on MTS tariffs you can also get in the official salons of the operator.


tariff Quite a lot of customers today enjoy the possibility of self-acquaintance with the tariff, but to an independent connection solved a few, but in vain, because it is quite easy to do.So, we explain how to connect to the tariff MTS.To do this:

  1. click on the name of liked the tariff and if a detailed description of you are satisfied, click one of the buttons, located at the end of the description - "Go to the on rate" (optional for MTC clients) or "buy rate" (for newcustomers).In the first case, follow these instructions to paragraph 2, in the second - the points 3-6.
  2. By clicking on the button "Go to this tariff," you will see a combination that you need to dial on their mobile to go.We collect it, we press call.All!It is done!
  3. When you click on "Buy rate" you will be taken to a new page - click on on it the inscription "Buy."
  4. In the next window, choose the delivery form and click "Checkout".
  5. Now before you came form the new MTS-profile client.Successively introduced all the data, select the form of payment and click "Checkout".
  6. all, we only have to fill in your billing information and visit the office to pick up your SIM-card, or wait for the courier.

Thus, you can connect any tariff MTS - and simple, and unlimited, and corporate.As you can see, it is quite easy, but, of course, no one has canceled the connection through the Support Center or the operator cabin.

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