How to connect the black list ?

How to connect the black list ?

MTS introduced a service "Black List".Thanks to this network service, subscribers can monitor incoming calls on their cell phones.This allows you to protect yourself from unwanted calls and messages.At the same time, those subscribers who will be in the black list, in no way will not speculate about this.

This service is available on almost all tariff plans.The exception is the line "MTS Connect", "MTS-aypad" and "Onlayner".Many subscribers attracted by the opportunity to use this service, but they do not know how to connect to it.So, how to connect the black list of MTS?

Connection services

connect "black list" in the following ways:

  1. Enter your mobile the following command: * 111 * 442 # call button.After that the service will be connected and you will receive an SMS notification of connection.
  2. Enter your mobile number 0890. The call to this number also enables the connection of the service.You can do this by following the instructions of the automatic system or directly connected to the operator.
  3. Send SMS to the toll free number 111 with text 442 * 1.The service will be activated.
  4. Sign up for MTS website.You will need to enter a login - your phone number, as well as to come up with an individual password.If you can not do it yourself, you will be able to come to the aid of the online site consultants.After that you can connect and disconnect various services by accessing your personal account.Including service "Black List".You will need to select the section in your account "My Account" and then go to the "Services" tab.Select the service "Black List" and then click next to "activate" button.
  5. Go to the MTS office.If you can not connect a remote service, you can always go directly to the employees of the company, they are happy to help you.

The cost of service is 1, 5 a day.

Disabling services

  1. Dial * 111 * 442 * 2 # call key.
  2. Please call 0890 and follow the instructions of the system, or wait until the operator answers.
  3. Send free SMS to 111 with text 442 * 2.
  4. Go to your personal account on the website of MTS and disconnect service.
  5. Take a look at one of the offices of MTS and use the help of a consultant.

Now that you know about how to connect and disconnect services "blacklist" from MTS.These operations are completely free.What to include in the list of numbers of subscribers, check out our article How blacklist.